How To Clone OS From HDD To SSD Free

How To Clone OS From HDD To SSD Free

Hello, Today I will learn How To Clone Os From HDD To SSD. Everyone is moving from HDD To SSD Because SSD is approximately 10 times faster than HDD. In This time all Laptop comes with SSD or Have M2 Slot Which is faster than SSD. What do I do if I have an old laptop? Don’t worry I have a great solution for you. You get more boot speed and disk speed.

Way To Improve Speed of your old Laptop

  1. Add more RAM to your PC.
  2. Remove HDD With SSD.
  3. Remove the CD drive with SSD.
  4. Consider a startup(Boot) with SSD

Step 1 : Replace Your CD Drive With SSD

how to replace dvd drive with SSD or HDD

If you want to replace your CD/Dvd Drive with SSD or HDD. You Need to buy a caddy as per your System CD/Dvd Size. Generally It is 9 mm. You Can find yours simply by pressing (Windows +X) and then selecting the device manager option. After this select CD/DVD drive, you can see the model in the dropdown. Just Copy it and paste it into google chrome(Any Browser) you know your caddy size. 

After Caddy Choose an SSD or HDD that you want to install. Here I provide you the cheapest SSD and Caddy buy Link which I also used on my laptop. You can select according to your compatibility.

Just Unscrew Dvd Drive &  Pull Outside. Now it’s time to attach your SSD or HDD in Caddy then put it on the CD drive slot.

Parts Required Buy Links
Caddy (Hard Drive Caddy with SSD or HDD for 9.5mm Universal CD/DVD Slot)
SSD (Consistent SSD 256GB with 5 year Replacement warranty)

Step 2 : Allocate your SSD or HDD

how to allocate Ssd or hdd (My Ssd/hdd not shown)

After Successfully installing SSD/HDD. When you open my computer your new SSD/HDD not shown. 

Now Press Windows +X Again and Choose Disk Management. Where you see your new SSD/HDD in unallocated form just right-click on it choose allocate create a new drive simply partition method. Now your Ssd/Hdd is ready to use.

Step 3 : Time to clone OS to new SSD or HDD

1. Os Clone software Required (Download and Install)

For this, We require a software for cloning all OS data to new SSD/HDD. We use a free tool developed by easyuefi . Simply Search on google Hashleo Disk Clone.

Just Download it and install it

2. Clone One Disk to Another with Hasleo Disk Clone

  • Open Diskclone Software.
  • Choose the System clone option from above.
  • It Automatically selected all partitions that need to be cloned for Windows system migration, just click “Next”.
  • Select the Source Disk(In which you want to clone OS – Your New SSD/HDD).
  •  Now it shows the target disk layout (Partition Automatically generated by Hashleo Clone)
  • Simply Press Proceed. Hasleo Disk Clone starts migrating Windows to the destination disk.
  • Be Patience it takes time. Total Time in cloning totally depends upon your C Drive Size.

* The Clone as MBR/Clone as GPT option allows you to clone Windows operating system from an MBR disk to a GPT disk or from a GPT disk to an MBR disk.

* The Keep partition layout option can ensure that the partition layout of the destination disk is exactly the same as the source disk after the cloning operation is completed.

3. Check You SSD Drive

Just Go to My PC you can see all data of C Drive copied to New SSD Drive. Its confirmed your migration complete. Now its time to boot with your New SSD/HDD

4. Boot With New SSD or HDD

Now boot with your new clone OS and verified everything working properly. Restart your PC and For this Just click F12 rapidly for opening the Boot menu. Select your new SSD or HDD for boot. 

Now your System boot with your new SSD or HDD. If you have SSD, then you see the difference your boot will take 10-20 Sec. Your system runs faster than the old HDD. After Checking Everything, Now remove your Old OS in the old Drive Now open Disk Management then format  your D Drive (Which has OS in HDD)

* Boot menu & Boot Setup menu different for every laptop Just google it for yours

4. Change Your Boot Option

Now restart your computer Open the Boot setup menu (Press F2 rapidly). Change Boot priority from Old To New. (HDD to SSD). Now it’s Done. Your System boot with a new Drive always Enjoy!!

How to verify my Sytem Boot with old HDD or New SSD

After Completion Clone One Disk to Another. Create a Folder on the desktop. The Folder will be shown when it boots with an old Hard disk because you created this on an old Hard drive. Now restart and boot with the new drive through boot menu.

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